This Changes Me [CIY MIX 2014: Day 2]

The tongue is a restless evil that cannot be tamed. It is something that we will all work the rest of our lives at controlling. It is easy for us to use our words to make fun of others or to try and make us feel better about ourselves. But if the resurrection changes everything, if it changes me does it change how I speak?

Does it change what I say to other people or how I respond to what others say about me? It should. It should change what we say, how we say it and what we mean by it.

You see, salt water and fresh water cannot come from the same spring. Fire and ice cannot be in the same space and good and evil cannot be together. Thus, you can’t call yourself a Christ follower and tear down those around you.

Allow the resurrection to change your talk. Allow The Holy Spirit to direct your conversations. God can direct our speech because the resurrection changes me.

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