For Jr. High/High School Students & Families

Sunday February 3, 2013
4:00 PM until just after Halftime

Join us as we come along side Westpark Christian Church to help host a Superbowl Party for the homeless. We’ll meet to leave from Door 1 of Chapel Rock at 4 PM and head to Westpark to serve a meal and share in watching the game together. The bus will leave to return to Chapel Rock immediately after the conclusion of halftime. Please bring a bag of chips or a 2 liter to share!

Elevate 2013 – Last day

Post by Madison Baker, High School Junior

First off, I am so sorry I did not update everyone on our way home!

The last morning session was all about how God is not looking for strong independent people to follow him. He runs towards the ones who realize they are broken and in need of Christ.After a long afternoon of Skiing, snow boarding, zip-lining, tubing and relaxing we had our last evening session of the weekend.

In order to actually begin living life we must be willing to lose our life for Christ. Our heart has a throne where we have the authority to be in the seat, or invite God to be in charge. Followers give up their thrones to God everyday, all day. On the other hand, believers just say thank you and still have control of their heart. What a great weekend we had searching our hearts for answers and challenges to bring home. Meeting the youth group from Northview was such a blessing! We made new friends who might be joining us Sunday at the Vine next Sunday!

NEW SERIES: The Upper Hand // Parent Cue

XP3_UpperHand_FBCoverWe all deal with authority. Whether it’s parents, teachers, coaches, or as adults in our work relationships, marriages, and finances–authority is everywhere. As teenagers, most believe if we can just grow up and get out, out of high school and out of our parent’s house, we will be free from authority. But the truth is, authority is always an issue. No matter how grown up we are, we never outgrow authority.

Our goal is to come alongside you, the parent, in what you’re already doing, to help your student grow in their walk with Christ. This Parent Cue is specifically for you–to hear what your student hears on Sunday mornings & evenings, and for you to be as well-equipped as possible to continue conversation at home.

For the PARENT CUE for this series, click here.

Elevate 2013 – Day Two

Post by Madison  Baker, High School Junior 

During our first session yesterday,  Jared Herd talked to us about how God continually guides our heart.

We learned that the perception of God in our hearts is the way we respond to God. Jared made an awesome point when talking about sin and how we use it as mud to cover us up, when in reality we need to go to the cross so Christ can restore us back to what God created us to be. We are God’s Poema, His handiwork, and his masterpiece. The love God has for us is not determined by our good behavior or bad actions, because He has loved us with the same intensity and devotion since the day He created the world.

We are excited for what tomorrow brings along with the snow that continues to fall. Keep praying for us!

Elevate 2013

Post by Madison Baker, High School Junior

We made it! The ride with Northview to Lake Ann Camp was interesting, with meeting new people and trying out the “on bus” restroom. We got in around 2am but lucked out by getting the latest breakfast so we got some sleep! Check back to see what else is in store for us this great weekend of learning about our Heart!

FAQs: Anne’s Maternity Leave


Hello everyone! Anne here. With my due date quickly approaching, I wanted to put in writing some details about my upcoming maternity leave.

Since ministry is much more than a job, I knew it would be a challenge to navigate how to go about this. I connected with several other women in student ministry and asked them how they approached maternity leave + ministry + adjusting to family life. They all gave different advice, but with a very similar theme: this is a time for you to bond with your new child, treat it as such! 

So, here are a few responses to some frequently asked questions. If you have other questions, please feel free to ask!

How long will you be gone?
Starting this Sunday, I will be taking a 12-week leave. Unless Baby Boy Wilson comes before then, this Sunday will be my last for a little while! My (tentative) first day back will be Tuesday, April 16th. 

Will you be around on Sunday mornings? 
Short answer: not really. Long(er) answer: I’ve asked several other women in student ministry, and have heard the same thing in different words . . . find ways to stay connected to your church community outside of Sunday mornings. So I’m going with the advice of those who have been there, done that! We will be around sporadically, but as far as the entirety of Sunday mornings and evenings, we will not. We’ll be taking it one step at a time, and ask for your grace in the process! This is new territory not just for us as a family, but also for me as a woman in ministry.

How can I get a hold of you? 
If there’s something you need that relates to student ministry during that time, Nick and Donna are available. Nick’s email address is, and Donna’s is, or you can call the church office during the week (317.247.9739). If it’s something they need my help with, they know they can call or email me.

If it’s not related to student ministry, call Kyle or me (although I make no promises)! He will be my “phone-answerer/text-message-responder/email-backer” (and many other things, of course). His # is 513.708.5614.

Can we visit? 
Of course! We definitely want visitors. We just ask that you give us a few days to figure it out, and that you call one of us before visiting.

And of course . . . continue to pray for Kyle, myself, and this little baby. We are down to single-digits here (9 days away)! Pray for us in the labor and delivery, and also as we adjust to life with this new little guy. Thank you for all your encouragement and support; we cannot say enough how thankful we are for our church family.

NEW SERIES: Fake ID Parent Cue

XP3_FakeID_MainSlideWe’re kicking off a new series this Sunday called FAKE I.D. It’s an age-old problem, one that begins to plague us around the time of adolescence hits and, if we aren’t careful, follows us the rest of our lives. It is the question of who we are–what makes up our identity, what defines us, what makes us.

Imagine if, instead of wrestling with these questions in the complexity of adulthood, we started to tackle them in formative teenage years? What if we took a good, hard look at some of the foundational questions during the years that shape us more than any others? Who am I? Where do I belong? What is my purpose? 

For the PARENT CUE for this series, click here.