ANNUAL FALL HAYRIDE: October 30th, 2011

It’s coming! It’s coming! Our annual Fall Hayride is coming up two Sundays from now. Since it’s the day before Halloween, we’re shaking it up with a Costume Contest. Pick a theme as a small group this coming Sunday night (i.e. Star Wards, Ninjas, Breakfast Cereals, Super Heroes, ec.) and come dressed to win! There will be prizes awarded for the group that best rises to the challenge. We’ll leave Chapel Rock @ 4:00pm to catch the bus. We’ll return by 8:30. Guys bring a 2-liter, ladies bring a bag of chips. See you there!

ELEVATE: HS Winter Retreat

 Registration is beginning! On January 13-16th, we’re joining other churches in the area and traveling up to Lake Ann, Michigan for a long weekend of snow tubing, skiing, worship, great teaching, getting to know your friends, and making some new ones, too! Register online or download the Registration Card. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Anne ( or Nick (

RELEASE: Parent Cue

We are starting a new series this weekend called RELEASE. We all want forgiveness, but we’re not always eager to give it out, are we? For some of us, there are some very big hurts that have a grip on our lives. Things that were done, or not done, that wounded us. Even the very memory of those things brings up the emotions as fresh as they were when they were new. So how do you move on? How do you get past the hurt and pain? And how do push past something you know you should do to the point where you can finally release it?

To access the Parent Cue for this series, click here. To see more resources on parenting, click here. And, as always, you are welcome to join us on Sunday mornings for our large-group time at The Vine. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact Nick ( or Anne (