Every year on this particular night (or the one before, depending on which neighborhood you live in) families leave their houses and take their children door-to-door for the old tradition of “Trick or Treat.” Since this is one of the few times a year where families and neighbors leave their homes and interact with one another, we thought instead of having evening programs tonight, what better way to love our community and neighborhoods than staying home and meeting our neighbors? So students, if you are at home tonight helping your parents pass out candy, remember that you are a LIGHT in your community!

Jr. High Journey: 1 HEARTBEAT

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This past weekend at Jr. High Journey was a great look at Philippians 2 and how as followers of Jesus we are called to 1 HEARTBEAT in CHRIST, in LOVE, in COMFORT and in PURPOSE. The pics are from our afternoon scavenger hunt that took us all over the campus of Anderson University. Thanks to Kerri Phillips for letting all of us cram into her dorm room!

Fall Hayride 2010

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CRYM had a blast last night at the annual fall hayride. After being dropped off in rural Indiana, eating cheesy potatoes & s’mores, lots of laughing and one flat tire later, I think it’s safe to say that all of us got to experience fall at its finest last night. Thanks to the Reitzel family for all of their hospitality. Enjoy the slideshow and pass the apple cider!


Fall Hayride

Don’t miss the Fall Hayride this weekend at The Reitzel Farm. We’ll meet up to leave the church at 4 PM and we’ll have everyone back to the front door of the church by 9:30 PM. We’re asking students to bring a bag of chips, cookies or a side. We’ll provide the burgers and dogs.

Be sure to dress accordingly. It could get a little chilly.