Kingdom Worker Stories


In Mark 9:35 Jesus said, “And he sat down and called the twelve. And he said to them, “If anyone would be first, he must be last of all and servant of all.” It was a challenge that Jesus gave to his early followers that turned their idea of how to get ahead in life on its head. The upside down way of the kingdom was being taught and lived out by Jesus before their very eyes.

It’s been said “if serving is beneath you, then leading is above you.” Today we continue to seek to walk in the challenge and example that Jesus gave us as His story becomes our story. Below you’ll find a link to some video snapshots that were captured as a part of our current emphasis leading up to our 2016 summer mission/service opportunities for high school students at Chapel Rock. These #kingdomworker stories capture just a few of the many ways that Jesus words continue to bring life today.

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SoupERbowl Party for the Homeless

Souperbowl.002Join us this Sunday afternoon for a service opportunity centered around extending hospitality to our homeless friends and neighbors in our city. We’re partnering with Westpark and Hazelwood Christian churches to host a SoupERbowl party at Westpark where we’ll serve a delicious soup/chili meal, followed by a time to watch the game with our friends and neighbors, some of whom happen to be walking through a particularly difficult time as they experience homelessness. We walk together; we serve, we love, we build relationships, and at this particular event, we simply seek to be the church and meet people where they are at, while providing a memorable, warm, inviting atmosphere of sharing. We hope you can join us.

When: Meet at Chapel Rock at Door #1 at 3:45p. The bus will leave at 4p. We will leave Westpark as soon as halftime starts, so families not attending can plan to pick their students up back at Chapel Rock about 20-30mins after the start of halftime.

Where: We’ll be heading to Westpark Christian Church located at 24 N. Addison Street Indianapolis, IN 46222 if you need to drive separately, and/or meet us there.

What to Bring: If students could bring something that fits as a game time snack or drink, that would be fantastic (i.e. 2 liters, chips, cookies, brownies, etc…) Also, Westpark would gladly accept donations of (cleaned and folded) gently used coats, hats, gloves, and clothing for their clothing pantry, that may possibly be distributed on Sunday evening.

Who: This service opportunity is open to middle and high school students, their parents, and leaders. Parents attending with their teenagers who have younger children (below middle school age), are welcome to also bring their children at their discretion, as long as parental supervision is provided throughout the night.