FALL KICKOFF: This Sunday!


Come out this Sunday with your whole family for our annual Fall Kickoff! Meet your leaders, join in on some games, good food, and hang out with your friends! This is a great opportunity to hear all about what’s going on in Chapel Rock Youth Ministry for the 2012-2013 school year, as well as get you and your family connected. Be there at 4pm, and we’ll see you there!

what we learned this summer: summer interns

We asked our two summer interns, Madison Baker and Halle Smith, to put together some words that summarized their summer experience and ways they grew and things they learned–both about God and themselves.

Words from Madison:

Throughout this summer I had the opportunity to be an intern with youth ministry under the leadership of Anne and Nick. I’ve been very blessed because every Tuesday and Wednesday I was given the opportunity to grow as a leader and as a follower in Christ. I’ve been to staff meetings, updated the youth blog, and read a powerful book called RADICAL . One day during the internship, Anne had both Halle and I take a 5 fold ministry test, a personality test, and a couple of Life Quest tests. They were all designed to help us see where our leadership skills are and how we connect most to God. Through the tests, I found out that since I enjoy finding new ways to explain ideas to other people, I would be best in the ministry of teaching. One of the Life Quest tests showed me how I best connect with God. I found that I best connect with God by loving God with celebration. By clapping, worshipping through song, and dancing with excitement I connect with God, which is true. At CIY MOVE when a powerful song came on, all I wanted to do was dance. Throughout the summer I’ve experienced and learned that when I can not see God working in my life, it’s my challenge to come to Him with a quiet mind and wait on Him to show me His powerful work. I’ve learned that even when I walk off my spiritual path, I have not lost God or His love for me.

Thank you to the Chapel Rock Staff for the love and support you have shown me this summer, thank you to everyone that comes to The Vine Sunday mornings for participating in the morning activities, and a HUGE thank you to Nick and Anne for letting me apart of the internship. This is a summer and experience I will never forget.

Words from Halle:

Doing the youth ministry summer internship was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. I remember coming into the office Tuesday, June 5th having no idea how much I would grow from coming into the office 2 days a week and working under Nick and Anne.  I loved helping prepare for CIY MOVE, the cookouts, and Sunday mornings.  But besides that, I loved learning about the church, God, and myself.  I learned about the church from the book Radical. This book really challenged me to take a new approach to the Church and what God calls it to look like.  My favorite chapter was when  David Platt talked about how it is the church’s responsibility to spread the Gospel.  Jesus never said it would be safe, and He did say we might be hated and persecuted.  But it’s what God calls us to do, despite the risks.

What I learned about myself this summer was how much I love working in youth ministry. I think this hit me when I went to the Jr. High week of Summer in the Son at KCU.  It was only 2 years ago that I was a student at SITS, so it was weird to go as a sponsor! But I loved it so much. Getting to know the kids, especially the incoming 7th graders, was awesome. Each one of them was so beautiful (and most of them were morning people).  I especially loved leading a small group and mentoring the students.  That week of SITS was when I realized how much I enjoyed being a leader to students.

Thank you CRYM and Chapel Rock staff for welcoming us this summer and for the support.  Thank you especially to Nick and Anne for letting me a part of this amazing opportunity and for being a great example of what a Godly leader looks like.  Doing this internship was one of the best things I’ve done and has me thinking about youth ministry as an occupation.  I will never forget this experience!

We were SO blessed to have Halle and Madison with us this summer. Not only were they so helpful to the everyday tasks of  youth ministry, but getting to learn from them and help them discover their gifts was a tremendous gift to us. Thank you Halle and Madison, you are amazing leaders!