Rooted Serve Experience (9-10th Grades)


This Sunday marks a special Serve Experience that coincides with our week studying serving in our rooted groups. The 9th-10th grade students are helping with a special project that will take place at Wheeler Mission. In partnership with Kingdom Way Central, we’ll be spending the evening connecting with folks experiencing homelessness in our city. The evening will consist of a concert and care package distribution (made up of donated items that we’ve been collecting and will be providing).

The Details (for 9th & 10th grade students).

4:00P Meet at Chapel Rock for Pizza and Care Package Assembly

5:30p Depart for Wheeler

6-7:30p Serve with Kingdom Way Ministries at Wheeler

8p Arrive back at Chapel Rock.

*11th-12th grade students will be gathering at their regular time and place: 6-7:30p at the Campbell’s Home at 5375 Maplewood Drive in Speedway.

Youth Mission Living Timeline Project


By celebrating God’s faithfulness in the past, we continue to trust and look forward to what He’s doing in the future. That’s especially true in the realm of opportunities we’ve had to see God’s Kingdom expanding through short-term mission projects right here in our city and around the world.

We’re asking for help from students and leaders as we put together a living timeline of experience and testimony from short-term mission projects that have happened anytime in Chapel Rock’s almost 54 year history. What we need is for you to simply record yourself on a short clip in the following 3-4 sentence format:

Sample: [Introduce yourself and tell us about a trip that was most impactful to you; Name, Trip, Year]

i.e. “My name is Nick Wilkes and I was a part of the Los Angeles trip in 2005 with CMF Missionaries Fernando and Nona Soto.”

[Next, please share ONE or TWO sentences of what impacted you the most]

“What impacted me the most was the kingdom life and community I experienced in the Hispanic church in Los Angeles.”

[Finally, share ONE or TWO sentences about what’s different because of your experience of having been on a short-term mission trip.]

“I’ve never looked at cross-cultural missions the same, especially opportunities to connect with brothers and sisters from another culture in our own country. My perspective has grown greatly in the way that I see the global church because of what God taught me in LA through this trip.”

Instructions for Submission:  Please submit your video clip via email to Nick at by Tuesday February 13, 2018. We will be using these clips as part of a video montage in the main worship service at Chapel Rock on February 25th.

Video Hints and Tips: If you have a trip t-shirt from your trip, please wear it in your video. (We’re also looking for shirts to display on Feb 18, and 25th). Be creative. Feel free to share something funny, memorable, impactful, or challenging. ¬†Note that good lighting and sound that’s free of background noise will be most helpful for editing and clarity/usability purposes. Thanks so much in advance for your help, and for all you’ve done and continue to do for the sake of the Kingdom globally.