Senior Trip Badlands

Yesterday we experienced the reality of the Badlands National Park in all of its 104 degree wonder. There has been plenty of awe inspiring scenery along with prairie dogs, mule deer and an ancient fossilized mini rhino! Everyone
braved the wilderness for solo night and sang praises to the God of the universe for a view of the milky way and shooting stars that was so bright that it illuminated the terrain despite a moonless night.

Today our journey takes us across the black hills and 9666 feet up and through the Big Horn mountain range and on to a camp just outside of Yellowstone. Our ears are popping and our eyes can hardly take in the majesty of all that surrounds us.

SITS: Day 4 & 5

Good morning! We’re all packed up and about to head into our last main session. We had a great day yesterday learning about what it looks like to be a follower ofthe Way¬†and be a “rhino” in the faith (ask your students what this means)! Here are some questions that could help get a conversation going with your student when they come home today:

  • What’s one think you feel like you took away from this week?
  • Tell me about the “sweet minute of prayer.” What was that? What did you think about it?
  • Did you make any commitments or changes this week? If so, tell me about them.
  • How do you imagine you’re already different, no matter how big or little that difference is?

We’ll have students call home when we’re about an hour away. Here are some photos from our caving experience yesterday!

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