“Teenagers wish they were closer to their parents. They want to know their parents better, to hear more stories about their parents’ pasts, to spend more time together, and get along better.” -Mark DeVries, Family Based Youth Ministry

Contrary to popular belief, you are the spiritual leader in your teenager’s life. The secret of amazing leaders and parents lies in their ability (and patience) to identify with, build on, and add to what kids and teenagers share. Instead of trying to know all the answers, they practice asking good questions and initiate meaningful conversations.

We as a Family Ministry Team at Chapel Rock exist to partner with, resource, encourage, and equip parents as the primary spiritual leaders in their teen’s life. We also provide a ton of unique opportunities for your student to engage in age appropriate discipleship environments like The Vine (Sundays at 9:15a), and Life Groups (Sunday evenings from 6-7:30p throughout the school year), along with special events, retreats, camps, mission trips, and more. To see what’s currently on the horizon for most middle school and high school events and activities for your student head over to

If you have any questions about programming in regard to any one of our family ministry environments  at Chapel Rock please contact one of the following leaders:

Nick Wilkes – High School & College Pastor:

Chad Dillon – Middle School Pastor (5th-8th Grade):

Mike Belcher – Children’s Pastor (Grades 1st-4th):

Sherry Schwab – Early Childhood Director (Birth – Kindergarten):

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