SITS: Day Three & Four

We had a full day yesterday! In the morning, Tim Jones led us in the very question, “what’s the big deal?” A lot of times, we approach sin or decisions with that very question, thinking that our decisions aren’t connected to every other circumstance in our lives. But if we take a step back, we can see that there’s a connection, there’s a long line of decisions we can make, and things are a big deal. In the afternoon, we had some downtime and ventured over to Carter Caves Pool to cool off and have some fun together. During the evening session, Tommy Oaks challenged us with the simple truth that the Word of God is the most important book and the most unique in the world. There is none like it, none that can compare to it. He then gave us all a challenge to finish the Bible all the way through in a year–breaking it up into only 3 chapters a day, saying this,

Imagine the type of woman, or man, you would be if for the next ten years, you read through the Word of God ten times. It would be so sewn into your heart and soul that at every turn, you would know it in your bones.

Today we are looking at how none of us are separate, but we are all–collectively–followers of the Way. And how the people of the Way are not led by the flesh, but by the Spirit (Galatians 5). We’re about to head out to go caving, but for now, here are some photos for you to enjoy!

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Tuesday Night @ SITS

Tonight’s invitation was to trash the price tags that others give us based upon outward appearances and perceived worth and trust in the Lord who looks at the heart.

1 Samuel 16:7
But the LORD said to Samuel, “Do not consider his appearance or his height, for I have rejected him. The LORD does not look at the things people look at. People look at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart.”

SITS: Day Two Photo Bomb

We’ve got lots more pictures to show you from our day! We talked today about discovering what God says about US and the people around us. We were challenged with the very thought that we put price tags on people, and that by putting price tags on them, we are really saying what we think God thinks of them. Throughout the day, we wore price tags around our necks, and tonight during the main session threw them away in a trash can during our worship time–symbolizing that we were going to stop putting price tags on people and stop letting people put price tags on us… because God is the One who has already determined our worth.

Here are some more photos from today! We got to help build walls for homes with Crossroads Missions, played in a dodgeball tournament (we got 3rd!), and had lots of fun. Enjoy!

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SITS: Day Two

We had a great night last night, with the topic of DISCOVERING God and/or REDISCOVERING God. Today we are looking at how all of us put a price tag on ourselves, and on other people, and how God put the highest price on us in his death for us. We’ll update more later with the themes and conversations that have taken place, but for now, here are some pictures!

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Also, Tiffany’s birthday was last night, so we all got to celebrate with her for her big 14th Birthday!

SITS: Day One

Last night we kicked off our time here at SITS with an intro session, looking at what it means to go deep in our relationship with God. One of our speakers, Tim Jones, talked about going “downtown” with God, or in other words–going to an unfamiliar territory and discovering who God really is. Part of our devotion this morning said this,

“Millions of people don’t see God because they are looking not for God as God is, but as a thing that matches what they have already decided in their minds. This week, whether you are already a follower of Christ, or you aren’t, and have no idea why you are here, you have a challenge. Perhaps you can admit that what you have in mind and call ‘God’ isn’t entirely accurate.”

Pray for us this morning as we look at what it looks like to really discover who God is, instead of just what we assume Him to be. Pictures to come this evening!

PS-Today is Tiffany Jackson’s birthday, so we are celebrating in style tonight! HAPPY 14TH BIRTHDAY TIFFANY!

SUMMER IN THE SON: Last minute details!

Hey Jr. Highers (and parents)! We are leaving for Summer in the Son in less than a week and we have some things we need from you! If you did not pick up these forms yesterday, do not fear, you can download them here. (See how we rhymed?) Before you come packed and ready to go on Sunday morning, we need you to fill these forms out and have them in hand ready to turn in when we load the bus:

SITS Permission Form

SITS Code of Conduct Form

Also, here’s a copy of the Packing List.

If you have any questions between now and Sunday, please don’t hesitate to call into the Church Office at (317) 247-9739. See you Sunday!