SITS: Day One

Last night we kicked off our time here at SITS with an intro session, looking at what it means to go deep in our relationship with God. One of our speakers, Tim Jones, talked about going “downtown” with God, or in other words–going to an unfamiliar territory and discovering who God really is. Part of our devotion this morning said this,

“Millions of people don’t see God because they are looking not for God as God is, but as a thing that matches what they have already decided in their minds. This week, whether you are already a follower of Christ, or you aren’t, and have no idea why you are here, you have a challenge. Perhaps you can admit that what you have in mind and call ‘God’ isn’t entirely accurate.”

Pray for us this morning as we look at what it looks like to really discover who God is, instead of just what we assume Him to be. Pictures to come this evening!

PS-Today is Tiffany Jackson’s birthday, so we are celebrating in style tonight! HAPPY 14TH BIRTHDAY TIFFANY!

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