NEW SERIES: The Upper Hand // Parent Cue

XP3_UpperHand_FBCoverWe all deal with authority. Whether it’s parents, teachers, coaches, or as adults in our work relationships, marriages, and finances–authority is everywhere. As teenagers, most believe if we can just grow up and get out, out of high school and out of our parent’s house, we will be free from authority. But the truth is, authority is always an issue. No matter how grown up we are, we never outgrow authority.

Our goal is to come alongside you, the parent, in what you’re already doing, to help your student grow in their walk with Christ. This Parent Cue is specifically for you–to hear what your student hears on Sunday mornings & evenings, and for you to be as well-equipped as possible to continue conversation at home.

For the PARENT CUE for this series, click here.

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