Elevate 2013 – Last day

Post by Madison Baker, High School Junior

First off, I am so sorry I did not update everyone on our way home!

The last morning session was all about how God is not looking for strong independent people to follow him. He runs towards the ones who realize they are broken and in need of Christ.After a long afternoon of Skiing, snow boarding, zip-lining, tubing and relaxing we had our last evening session of the weekend.

In order to actually begin living life we must be willing to lose our life for Christ. Our heart has a throne where we have the authority to be in the seat, or invite God to be in charge. Followers give up their thrones to God everyday, all day. On the other hand, believers just say thank you and still have control of their heart. What a great weekend we had searching our hearts for answers and challenges to bring home. Meeting the youth group from Northview was such a blessing! We made new friends who might be joining us Sunday at the Vine next Sunday!

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