Mission Indy: Day Three

Yesterday we ventured over to Drexel Gardens Christian Church in South Wayne. We got a tour of the building and heard all about their history as a church. Then, we got to work on their roof and scraped the sides of their building to be ready to paint for a group this summer. But that’s only the physical part.

We’re learning a lot about the ways we see other people, and the way we identify ourselves. On Monday morning, one of our speakers handed us a post-it note and a marker and said, “I want you to think of the one thing you hate most about yourself that no one knows about you, and write it down on this post-it note. After you’ve done that, stick it on your chest so the rest of us can see it.” After a few awkward moments of silence, she stopped us and said, “Okay, you don’t really have to do it. But isn’t it interesting that the very things we hate about ourselves are the first things we see when we look at others? We label other people, neighborhoods, etc. but the things that appear as the worst characteristics, instead of looking for the best.” Her illustration has been a driving force in conversation and work this week, as we look for the best in each other and our surroundings.

Tonight you’ll hear from Taylor Dillinger, and how her perspective has changed in just a few short days. But for now, here are some photos of our day!

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3 thoughts on “Mission Indy: Day Three

  1. Praise God for the great weather that is making this outside work do-able. I also praise God for all those who made this experience possible and have such a heart for our teens and the community.

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