Mission Indy: Day Two

Post by Ben Davis Junior, Andrea Camp

Today was a really interesting and inspiring day. We got the experience to notice and truly learn about the great things that people are doing right here in our own city and community. Even though we’re only a few miles away from home, I feel like we’re a hundred miles away. We heard some wonderful stories by people who walk the very same halls we do at Chapel Rock from Lynn Cole Springer, Lonnie Burley, and several others here in Indianapolis. Something that really stood out and touched me is the fact that all of the people we met who do these projects and run these organizations aren’t doing anything for themselves, but for the glory of God and improvement of their community. Today was a good day, for me and the entire group. It started out our week with a good foundation for what is to come as we continue the week and dig deep into our true identity: Christ.

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One thought on “Mission Indy: Day Two

  1. Work hard, GROW deep, & love our neighbors!
    Everyone be safe & don’t forget to look for the ‘face of Christ’ in all you do. CC
    Col 3:23

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