Mission Indy: Day Four

Post by Brownsburg Sophomore, Taylor Dillinger

I’m going to start with my favorite part of the day. When we were removing the old roofing, I discovered that it is easier and less time-consuming to rip off the plywood than to tediously remove every nail from it. So, after removing a few nails on one side I would use my “bare” hands (I had gloves on) and tear off the plywood. I did this two or three times with no problem. The third time, however, there was a problem. I owe my gratitude to Raegan Hadley for saving my life as I nearly fell off of the scaffolding after ripping the third piece off.

That was certainly an eventful part of the day, but there was so much more which happened on this lovely 3rd day. One thing was hearing Zach Camp tell his story of sticking a live bird in the microwave in attempt to warm it up because he was caring for it. Another was letting kids who don’t know their left from their right lead you through a course blindfolded. All in all it was an eventful day. But, it was even deeper than that.

I certainly loved all the construction and demolition that we have done on Drexel Garden’s roof this week. I have a heart for serving with my hands (and a hammer). What really captured my heart though was the miniature VBS lesson we lead at the church. Sure, it was fun playing with the kids, but the best part was showing them the love of God. We performed a puppet show, worshipped with songs and motions, told a lesson with a slightly violent skit, taught kids courage through our craft, and spent the rest of the evening playing games with them. I’ve never been more happy to make a fool of myself.

This week my eyes have certainly been opened. We’ve learned how to look at things differently. I’ve been catching myself looking back on what we did on certain days and analyzing God’s work through it. My goal this week has been to not only look back on how God has been there, but to see Him in the midst of our work. Tuesday’s lesson of adoption was the most prevalent to me at our VBS. I really saw the unity of our group. It was more than unity, it was a brotherhood, a church, a family. I saw how we were all children of God called to love one another. I knew that night that I was surrounded by brothers and sisters. I saw God’s love in that place.

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