Sometimes when we read the Psalms, we may not feel like we can relate to what we are reading. Other times, we can pick up the Bible, open up to the Psalms and say with the Psalmist, “Hear my prayer, Lord!” Over the next three weeks, you are invited to respond to the Psalms. You have the opportunity to respond to nine different Psalms, but not in a research paper, school-answer sort of way. As you read each Psalm, you can respond by writing a reflection about how that Psalm made you feel and whether you can identify with what the Psalmist is writing. As well, you can get creative and write your own Psalm–a creative piece to try to put yourself in the shoes of the Psalmist. Write a poem, song, acrostic–any form of writing to capture what the Psalmist is saying and put those feelings into your own words and life experience. How are you frustrated? What are you celebrating? How are you crying out? If you don’t want to write a creative piece, that’s okay! Just respond to the Psalms by writing a brief statement about your reaction to each Psalm.

We learn best when we learn in community, so let’s get the talking started! To write, follow these instructions:

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If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask by emailing Anne at

One thought on “THROUGH THE WINDOW: Reflections

  1. for the record, i love this. and i plan on making a point of reading through the psalms, exploring what they say to me, and writing about it. not sure how much i’ll share as sometimes my mind is a disturbing place… but i’m super excited about it!

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