Here’s the first Psalm we’re responding to. If you’re not sure what to do, click here.

Psalm 43
Show that I am right, God!
Defend me against everyone
who doesn’t know you;
rescue me from each
of those deceitful liars.

I run to you for protection.
Why have you turned me away?
Why must enemies mistreat me
and make me sad?

Send your light and your truth to guide me.
Let them lead me to your house
on your sacred mountain.

Then I will worship at your altar because you
make me joyful.
You are my God,
and I will praise you.
Yes, I will praise you
as I play my harp.

Why am I discouraged? Why am I restless?
I trust you!
And I will praise you again
because you help me,
and you are my God.

One thought on “THROUGH THE WINDOW: Psalm 43

  1. I cry out from my soul’s darkness
    Shadow is moving across the light
    Why do I continue to question?
    How can doubt live along side my faith?

    Fear makes my heart reckless, my soul tremble
    Past failures form the cloud that moves against the light
    Like eyes clinched shut in the face of the sun
    Hope is clouded over by a voluntary act

    Joy attempts to seep in as a soft whisper
    A whisper repeated over and over in my ear
    Annoying the ears of the darkened soul
    With its never ceasing repetition

    I may be on the edge of surrender
    God does not know the meaning
    I may have loosened my grip
    God continues to hold fast

    My soul cries out: burst forth, please burst forth Lord
    Take hold and build a new foundation over the doubt
    Prove yourself as true; prove yourself as real
    Increase the soft whisper to a shout

    Reach out and pull your child from this self imposed abyss
    Redeem so I may be free for daily thankfulness
    Heal and thankfulness will become a shout where I was once silence
    Accept this faulty heart’s praise

    Daily praise should never cease its passing from my lips
    This renewed heart of doubt is one now seeking confident faith
    Grow my small seed of faith planted by hope
    Graft my branch securely into Your vine

    I have no faith without choice
    I have no victory without struggle
    I have no glory except Yours
    I have no peace without Your presence

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