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Let it rain again! This morning was beautiful. We were excited to get started in the community where our morning VBS would be h/eld and we arrived willing serve and ready to go. There was only one problem, no kids. We had canvassed the neighborhood the day before and were ready with a location provided by one of the men of the Christian Church here in Jalapa. So, we waited….

We were blessed to have the prayer team with our group this morning. The prayer team is a group that has joined us here in Jalapa to simply bathe the entire week in prayer and rotate around with each group on their specific projects. So while we waited, we also prayed. Then, we thought, if the kids weren’t coming to us, we would go to them. We packed up our stuff and divided into small groups and went out and his the streets to talk with people, pray for them and to share the love of Christ.

It was neat to interact with so many people as we walked around, and as the prayer team prayed for us, for our conversations, and for the community. Not long after we were running low on supplies, the gentleman that was providing his house for us to use as our morning VBS location came riding up on a moped with his young boy. “I have good news,” he said. “I have 100 kids waiting for your group.” Our eyes got a little large, and my mind immediately went to the passage of Jesus feeding the 5000 with the loaves and the fish, because we were out of stuff.

A few minutes later we had a bus coming by to pick us up and we were of to a government run daycare. Our understanding is that its a facility for lower income children where most of them spend all day while their parents or guardians work. It’s a free service to families and they provide breakfast and lunch to the children, which for some is just about all that they get. The kids we got to meet were absolutely precious. Our team immediately went to work just loving on them and almost everyone had two or three kids, mostly preschoolers, hanging off of them and laughing and playing. For security reasons, as per the government’s instructions, we are not allowed to take photos of the kids, so that’s why you won’t be seeing any from the government daycare.

We organized a really fun time of singing some praise songs in spanish and played a few games and somehow had enough snacks and prizes to cover all 100 children. It was an amazing experience and one that we’ll have the opportunity to share in the remaining mornings from here on out. We didn’t necessarily have the full picture of what was in store for us today, but God did and it was amazing.

We broke for lunch around noon and while we were waiting for the final meal prep we had our first two injuries of the week. Our boys have taken to some pretty fierce competition on the basketball court with some of the other groups and Jake Boodt twisted an ankle, while Clint cut one of his toes pretty badly while going for a layup (which he made, by the way). Again, because of God’s provision, the medical team was on site for lunch and Clint had a team of doctors, nurses and EMT’s right there to help. They put together a makeshift ER and after making a tourniquet with a silly band the doctor stitched him up good as new and we still had plenty of time to eat lunch and catch the bus back to our afternoon VBS site. We complimented Clint on his timing of getting injured over lunch with a complete medical staff present so we could get him patched up and keep on going… (We’re taking good care of him – Paul & Kelley)

After lunch Clint has a comfy chair to elevate his foot and relax from, while the rest of us jumped in with tay two of our afternoon VBS site. The 25 kids that we started with ballooned to around 40 and we had a great time with the teaching, singing, crafts, games and hanging out. The rain came with vengeance just as we were had everything cleaned up and it was off to the hotel for the evening. The students are currently getting cleaned up and there was a very loud dance party happening that I’m sure you’ll eventually see documented on video. Overall it’s been an amazing day in which we’ve continually seen God show up and lead us in amazing ways. Keep praying for our strength and for the Holy Spirit’s leading in all things.

4 thoughts on “GUATEMALA: Day Three

  1. Okay well when I read Clint cut his foot doing a layup I wasn’t too shocked but when I read they stitched him up I guess I just wasn’t expecting that, but I know he is in good hands. Thank you Patsy and whoever else helped! Paul and I both know that Clint has an amazing team of people on this trip with him so we just turned him over to God first and then you guys. That’s pretty comforting in itself! Tell Clint we are praying for him to feel better for the rest of the trip and for all of you! Have a great time!

  2. Patsy did come to the rescue with her medical kit, but it was a team dr. that really helped with the lidocaine to numb it up and by sewing it up with about 5 sutures. It was such a blessing to have such a skilled team of people standing by to help. They had him all fixed up within about a half an hour of it happening, which is probably a lot faster than it would have been even in the states. He’s still in a little pain, but able to get around pretty well. We’ll pass along your prayers and well wishes to feel better. (Nick)

  3. hello friends and family, this is clint speaking. i am doing fine. the ceilings are sort of low so when i was hopping around, i went to the restroom and bonked my head on the ceiling. so yea… other wise, it hurts a bit and is mildly inconvenient. Thank you. i love you.

  4. Thanks for the reports back, I appreciate you keeping me/us posted. I am so glad that the Dr. team was there as well. I am also glad that is wasn’t any worse than what it was or is. I will continue to pray for all of you and the entire team that is in Jalapa and pray also for your safe return. Clint watch out for those low ceilings too!

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