SITS: Wednesday Update

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Good morning! Yesterday was an amazing day. We woke up bright and early to hear from Danny Curry as he introduced the theme for the day. We heard that God wants to use our lives as the canvas to display His art to the world. Even though we mess up our story sometimes, or things we cannot control come in and invade our stories, He has the power to change it… to edit it… to rewrite it… and to amend it.

Some of our students got to take part in Active Water’s Water Walk yesterday. The “Water Walk” is an experience set up to expose students to the hardships many people endure just to have a glass of dirty water. Some of them even went at it barefoot to get the most authentic experience. As you can maybe tell by the pictures, we had our dodgeball tournament yesterday. Two teams went at it and one of our teams made it to the final four tourney, which will take place tonight at 10:30!

We have a lot going on here in Youth Ministry this week… students learning, being challenged, serving, and loving others, and all so God’s light will be seen through us. Pretty incredible, wouldn’t you say?

One thought on “SITS: Wednesday Update

  1. Sounds like the youth are growing in many aspects and I enjoy being able to see some of that progress from home. Thanks to the adults for being there and taking care of them.
    Bill Hoeger

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