Senior Trip Update

Sorry the blog posts have been few & far between but cell signal is rare out here!

Yesterday we hiked into the backcountry of Yellowstone. We couldn’t do our planned hike to Mallard Lake because there is waist-high snow on the trail! But we improvised & were blessed with a beautiful trail in a part of the park that none of us have ever been to. We explored the mountainside, watched a sunset over the mountains, slept under the stars, & woke up to a bison hanging out about 100 yards from us!

We hiked a little over 4 miles back to the bus this morning, which doesn’t sound like much, but that included going uphill  500 feet in elevation in under 1/2 mile!  We were all pretty worn out but were rewarded with a gorgeous view of a waterfall!

We drove south out of Yellowstone today & are setting up camp in the Tetons. I have pictures to upload but I’m going to have to wait until I have a stronger signal.

The students are doing great & having a wonderful time. Thanks to all the parents for raising such fun, respectful, adventurous young adults. We are enjoying them immensely. And thanks for entrusting them to us for this special week!

More updates & pics to come as soon as I can!

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