PROOF // Evotional 4 // John 6:16-21

Take a minute and check out John 6:16-21, and pay close attention to verse 19.

What’s the most amazing thing you’ve ever seen? Seriously. What’s that “goto” story you tell that trumps everybody else’s? I bet yours is good. But the disciples have you beat. Let’s be honest, they saw some incredible stuff. But Jesus walking on water? That is near the top.

Picture it: the disciples are in a boat, three miles away from shore. They look up, and see Jesus literally walking across the top of the water like it was a sidewalk. Verse 19 is classic, “They saw Jesus approaching . . . and they were terrified.” Keep in mind, these guys hadn’t been with Jesus that long. Sure, they knew something was different about Him, but walking on water? It was enough to scare them half-to-death.

We have an advantage over the disciples. We have the whole story. We can read the Bible and see the big-picture view. The disciples were in that moment; they had the “I’m in the boat and I can’t believe what I’m seeing,” view. And although we can appreciate having the rest of the story, how crazy would it be if you were in that boat?

The disciples were scared and filled with awe. Are you filled with awe when you think about Jesus? What’s a moment you’ve been in simply “in awe” of the Creator God?

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