Dallas: Day Five

We can’t believe this week has gone so fast. The weather has been perfect for work but nowhere near warm. Then again, at least we haven’t seen snow like back in Indianapolis.

Today our lesson was about love. We came ready to show our love, but we are the ones experiencing their love. We have had meals made for us, donations and words of wisdom. They have trouble saying goodbye when we leave. Tears of gratitude have been shed and friendships made. We have even shared this blog with others.

But the important question is: have we loved like Jesus did? No, we haven’t even com close. We have not sacrificed everything, but we have started the process.  We are learning, a work in progress. Mother Theresa said, “True love is love that causes us pain that hurts, and yet brings us joy. That is why we must pray and ask for the courage to love.” We do have joy this week and our muscles do hurt, but we don’t think that is what Mother Theresa meant.

We have learned that we cannot love God without loving others. We have work to do!  It is so much easier to say than do, but we made a start.

Continue to pray for Angie.  We have no updates, but we know she is on a long road.  She needs us now.

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