Dallas: Day Four

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What a day!  We can’t believe our days go so fast.  We can truly say we have put in a full day’s work. The missionaries we are working with are so touched. They are so humble and want to do things for us.. including homemade cinnamon rolls, brownies and errands. We feel so blessed being with them and learn from them, but that is how they are feeling also.

Our big lesson today was in obedience. Oh, what a hard lesson. Why is it always so hard to obey? We have been slow learners, but we are learning. Many of the students came for a fun spring break, but many did come out of obedience–obedience to a higher calling. We’re all learning what that looks like. In one neighborhood, one of the neighbors comes down every day to check our work. So far we are passing, but we think he is really looking for more. He wants to know why we are doing this but is afraid to ask. We just keep working and sharing.

We are learning that through obedience, we are investing our lives in something bigger than us. We are such a small part of God’s story but each small part must happen for everything to fit together. It’s just like a puzzle–and we have put together lots of puzzles down here (literally).

Keep praying for Angie.  She is now asking for strength to just make it through each hour.  It is hard for her but she is learning obedience also.

God bless you all.  We couldn’t be doing this without you.

–Spring Break Team

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