Dallas: Day Two

What a Sunday–we planned a week of devotions back in January.  Our week is based on a life that demands an explanation… and that is exactly what we heard about in church this morning.  Was that an accident? Not at all! That was God going ahead and preparing for us.

We read from John 5:1-15, which is a story of the Healing at the Pool. The story is all about the work.  Who was doing the work? God was, just like he has worked and is ready for us here. We are coming behind and doing the physical. Will it all be easy? No. We have spent the day preparing for the work, and tomorrow it’s time to begin our work… to do what we have planned and prepared for months.

In our story, people were blind to the miracle and blind to the Man (Jesus). We are seeing the miracle step by step. We don’t want to miss any of it, but we will. Why? Because we will get busy in the work. Will we miss the Man? We pray not.

What we want is for the “healing” to provoke questions of those around us.  The Jews asked questions but missed the importance of the healing. We will be healing homes but as a result we pray to provoke questions. Tomorrow, we pray for a day that will require an explanation because of our actions, love, service, and compassion that do not make sense without Jesus.

-Spring Break Team

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