Dallas: Day 1

Well, we are here!  This trip has been such a process.  What we know is that satan is alive and well on planet earth. He tried to stop this trip in so many ways.  In fact–more than once, we laughed.  That is right, we laughed at satan because our GOD is Bigger. We knew we were going to win this and the trip would happen. We know that God has big things planned this week because satan has had to work way too hard.

We had a great drive down, the weather here is great!  We are very tired but there is always time for sleep later.  Scott & Kathy Graves met us and gave us the big tour.  What a facility!  There are so many people involved.  Everything seems to run like clockwork and the new building we will be working on will be completely paid for when it opens.  That is a God thing.

So tonight is a dinner with other missionaries and planning for our week.  We have a list of projects that need to be done that could take a month.  But with God, we should get a big chunk taken out this week.  We are excited about what God has planned and ready to tackle these jobs.  Tomorrow is church and we are excited about worshipping and praising our God!

–Spring Break Team

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