Haiti: Day Six

Hello everyone at Chapel Rock!

Well today, we met with the children from the children’s home and that was very fun. The children sang for us and danced for us which we very much enjoyed. After that, we sang some songs for them with motions and I think they all liked that, then we played some games outside, after the games we served lunch and gave them gifts and then it was time for them to leave. Then it was our shopping time, interesting and fun at the same time. I think everyone got something that they wanted and maybe a little more! And of course we had lunch somewhere in there as well. We had a little free time today which was very nice because we haven’t had much of that! We got to meet some of the sponsor kids again today and we got to meet our other child that our sunday school class sponsors that we did not meet the other two days. His mother invited us to go to their house, so we walked to their home and when we got there we were quite surprised by what we saw. It was very sad, and Nick took some good pictures to share when we get back and we are hoping to do more for the family in the near future because their situation is so bad. I think when I got here I was pretty shell-shocked at everything I saw everywhere around me and I was just trying to wrap my brain around it all and I still am. I know God is working here and I am so grateful for that, but at the same time there is just so much that breaks my heart everywhere I look. One thing that hit me the hardest was when we walked in to the tent cities and Emma had me feel the tents and it must have been at least 20 degrees hotter or more than it is outside and it is HOT outside. I had tears come down my face and my knees buckled at that moment because it just hit me so hard. All I could think was where do they go for relief and I don’t have a good answer for that. I have to figure out how to deal with that, I do understand that God knows the big picture and I don’t and that’s how I deal with it, but it’s heart breaking at the same time.Okay, leaving on a good note it is a beautiful country and there are many beautiful people here and I am so, so glad that I was fortunate enough to have this experience and I hope that in saying what I said I did not bring anyone down because there are still many good things happening as well.

Love you all,

Kelley Kearney

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