Haiti: Day Five

Hey everyone!

Well, today is Friday, and what a day it was. God is all over this place and yes HE IS VERY GOOD.We started off by going back to a little church in a surrounding (Jeanty) area. We were at this church the other night and what a blessing it was. Today we went back and graded the ground around the church and laid gravel for the walk path around the church building.

Next, we came back to Lifeline to do toddler nutrition. The children were precious, as always! The parents seemed to be very appreciative of the things that were offered to them.

Scott and I recruited to do some mechanical work here on the compound while others sorted shoes and clothes and then handed them out to some of the children. Then we prepared some songs for the Lifeline Christian Church and went to a musical concert at the church. There were a lot of local young people who were very talented in music both vocally and instrumentally. We ended up dancing the evening away, and what a joyful event it was!

My stay here so far has been so incredible I can’t really put it into words. The people and culture are more than we can wrap our minds around. God has challenged me in so many ways and stretched my heart for these people in lots of ways. Anyone that has seen the beauty in these people and has not been moved does not have an open heart, God is in this place and He is working through us to do great things. Yes, we are all tired by the end of the day but our hearts are richly filled with God’s love.

In Christ, Paul Wallace

One thought on “Haiti: Day Five

  1. Praying for Thanksgiving and requesting God’s covering of the Haiti Mission Team from CRCC. Also praying for strength n energy, team unity and that our team has been able to substain their schedule. What an incredable journey for our young adults. May each one of our team be richly filled w/God’s love and may the people of Haiti be blessed by our teams visit and God’s love.

    In closing praying for a safe trip home as they prepare to come back to Indy, I’m assuming today. As for me and my family we miss our sweet precious Carly; but at the same time so proud of not only her but the CRCC mission team. (what an everlasting christian experience for everyone) I would think it’s like being touch by the hand of God.

    love in Christ to all, Sharon Christie

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