Haiti: Day Three

Hello all!

First, let me say thank you so much for your continued prayers-know they are being felt! Today we went back to the build to continue working on the house. We worked alongside Haitians to lay block. Almost all the block was finished by the time we left today and the glory is that we will be able to see it to completion before we leave. Our devotion today was about how Nehemiah 3-4 speaks about how it takes everyone (or as I like to say, “village”). We had a great discussion about how we are such a diverse group and how that has worked so well. Just as in the case of Nehemiah, we needed everyone and we most definitely needed this exact group of people here to do the job God has sent us to do. All of the students and leaders alike are so ready to just go and do whatever it is that God has for us at that time. Everyone is healthy and happy. Haiti and the people here are just beautiful!

Tomorrow we will be able to go out witnessing in the tent cities and I know that will be such a gift to all of us. Then, we will be playing basketball with the girls’ basketball team here at the school (“we” meaning the kids–not me!). It has already been more than I could have ever dreamed of. I know God will continue to bless both the Haitians and us even more as the week goes on.

All our love,

Becky Crow

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