Haiti: Day Two

Building day!  This was our first day to go out to the site where we will be building the house for our sponsor child.  We started the day with an early breakfast.  Everyone came in with lots of energy and excitement for what was to come for the rest of the day.  Before we head to the building site, we spent some time in devotions and prayer as a group.  We continued our focus on the life of Nehemiah and how he faced great fear, but through it continued to trust in what God was doing.  From there we hopped in the trucks and head to the site.

Driving to the site was a continued reminder of how the earthquake was affecting the people of Haiti.  When we arrived, a crew of men met us that we would be working with and we were instructed watch what they did.  From there we started to assist them moving gravel, sand and blocks.  It was tiring work, but we continued to take breaks and encourage each other through it all.  Just before we left for lunch we started laying the concrete foundation.  We took an hour for lunch and got right back at it.  We spend the rest of the afternoon finishing the foundation.  It was amazing to see what can do if we allow Him to use us.  We have a very special God and you can see why God chose us to be here.

We went straight from building to visiting with the sponsor children of the church.  This was very special time because we were able to give them the gifts of their sponsors.  They were all very excited and we loved having the opportunity to spend time with them.  Following our visits, we had dinner then went to visit a local church.  Jeanty church just recently built a new church, which was sponsored by Chapel Rock.  The experience of being there was so amazing.  The passion that the members had for God was incredible.  You could just feel the spirit of God working through this church.  They were very thankful for all our church was able to provide and to be able to thank us in person.  Many of the members came to us in person to express their thanks and to get to know us.  We finished the day with our time of devotion.  We took this time to reflect on how God has changed our worlds, just like he changed Nehemiah’s.  We had a few give their testimony and were encouraged with some words from Philippians 2:1-11.  God gave us the greatest picture of humility through Christ and we were encouraged to do the same with how we live our lives.  Day two was such a success and a day that challenged us in how we think about our live/how we live.  Thank you all for your prayers and God bless!

In Him,

Rob Coonfield
Galatians 2:20

2 thoughts on “Haiti: Day Two

  1. Our God is so awesome!! Praying for you to rest in the Lord, and gain strength from the Holy Spirit. Miss you all, but praise God for your hard work! Love to you all!


  2. Isn’t it startling and humbling to see God working in people’s lives in a place far removed from our own. He is the same there as He is here, loving them, holding them up, speaking to them through His word and His people. He has never left the people of Haiti, before, during or after the earthquake. He has been there as He is with all of you who are being His hands and feet to His precious ones.

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