1st Thursday

1st Thursday

High school students and leaders are invited the 1st Thursday of the month to an informal time to hang out, have dinner, and share in conversation at the home of Nick and Niccole Wilkes from 6-8p. Dinner will be provided. This week we’ll have a DIY pizza bar complete with a variety of toppings to suite your taste. There’s no need to bring anything at all. By registering below you’ll help us know how many people to expect. See you soon.


Kingdom Worker Stories


In Mark 9:35 Jesus said, “And he sat down and called the twelve. And he said to them, “If anyone would be first, he must be last of all and servant of all.” It was a challenge that Jesus gave to his early followers that turned their idea of how to get ahead in life on its head. The upside down way of the kingdom was being taught and lived out by Jesus before their very eyes.

It’s been said “if serving is beneath you, then leading is above you.” Today we continue to seek to walk in the challenge and example that Jesus gave us as His story becomes our story. Below you’ll find a link to some video snapshots that were captured as a part of our current emphasis leading up to our 2016 summer mission/service opportunities for high school students at Chapel Rock. These #kingdomworker stories capture just a few of the many ways that Jesus words continue to bring life today.

To view the student kingdom worker stories click here

SoupERbowl Party for the Homeless

Souperbowl.002Join us this Sunday afternoon for a service opportunity centered around extending hospitality to our homeless friends and neighbors in our city. We’re partnering with Westpark and Hazelwood Christian churches to host a SoupERbowl party at Westpark where we’ll serve a delicious soup/chili meal, followed by a time to watch the game with our friends and neighbors, some of whom happen to be walking through a particularly difficult time as they experience homelessness. We walk together; we serve, we love, we build relationships, and at this particular event, we simply seek to be the church and meet people where they are at, while providing a memorable, warm, inviting atmosphere of sharing. We hope you can join us.

When: Meet at Chapel Rock at Door #1 at 3:45p. The bus will leave at 4p. We will leave Westpark as soon as halftime starts, so families not attending can plan to pick their students up back at Chapel Rock about 20-30mins after the start of halftime.

Where: We’ll be heading to Westpark Christian Church located at 24 N. Addison Street Indianapolis, IN 46222 if you need to drive separately, and/or meet us there.

What to Bring: If students could bring something that fits as a game time snack or drink, that would be fantastic (i.e. 2 liters, chips, cookies, brownies, etc…) Also, Westpark would gladly accept donations of (cleaned and folded) gently used coats, hats, gloves, and clothing for their clothing pantry, that may possibly be distributed on Sunday evening.

Who: This service opportunity is open to middle and high school students, their parents, and leaders. Parents attending with their teenagers who have younger children (below middle school age), are welcome to also bring their children at their discretion, as long as parental supervision is provided throughout the night.


High School Life Groups

Life Groups

High School Life Groups kick back off tonight, August 9th from 6-7:30p. There is one change of location for the Junior/Senior Life Group because of the Moto GP happening in Indianapolis. See the info below for the location of each Life Group tonight:

Freshmen Life Group: Meeting at John and Tina Campbell’s home located in Speedway at 5375 Maplewood Dr, Speedway, 46224 (317-298-7616)

Sophomore Life Group: Meeting at Roger & Mindy Turpen’s home in Drake Landing at 2460 Ring Necked Dr. Indianapolis, 46234 (317-627-9266)

Junior/Senior Life Group: Meeting TONIGHT ONLY at Chapel Rock in the Connection Corner because of the Moto GP. Next week the regular location will be at Anthony and Jess Reiss’s home located in Speedway at 1058 N Allison Ave, Speedway, IN 46224 (765-748-3092)

Fall Kickoff & DR2015 Debrief Rescheduled

The Vine Updates for July 26, 2015

Fall Youth Ministry Kickoff

The Fall youth ministry kickoff for the 2015 semester is coming up Sunday evening August 2nd from 5:00-7:30 PM at Camp Dellwood, which is located just  to the North of Chapel Rock on Girls School Rd. Come hungry and ready to have some fun, while finding all about what’s coming up this Fall.

DR2105 Debrief

The debrief for the 2015 Dominican Republic Mission Trip originally scheduled for tonight (July 26th) has been postponed to a date to be determined later in August. We’ll announce the date, time, and place at the upcoming Fall Kickoff next weekend. Stay tuned for more information.


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DR2015: Day Six


By: Samantha Hoerger

Coming down to my last day here, I am starting to think about all the memories I will have to share about this amazing experience. From building a bridge, to going down 27 water falls; there are many experiences I had this week that many people will never have in a lifetime and I’m so thankful that God has given me this opportunity.

Today, I had the opportunity to sing at the chapel on CMA campus along with Madison, Taryn, Kate, and Nick. Not many people can say they have participated on a worship team in the Dominican Republic. It is always nice to see how different church services do things differently since I have not been to many other churches other than Chapel Rock. The neat part about that is even though it is thousands of miles away from home, they don’t do their service much different than how we do things in The Vine.

We also got to visit a nearby school today and play a big soccer game with our Chapel Rock team along with some CMA students and staff.  I don’t play sports that often so it was really fun to experience that type of teamwork. It reminded me of our teamwork from earlier this week in Majaguita.

One of the big things about today that I will always remember is hiking up two and a half miles to the top of a mountain. Not all of us had to do it, so only about nine of us came. Even though it was a hard journey to the top and an even harder journey back down, it was well worth it. The view was amazing and I was right about possibly regretting it if I hadn’t done it. I can say I literally hiked a mountain with my dad and all the other people who chose to come along.

This week has been all about making memories and seeing more of God’s great big beautiful creation. I can’t wait to share more of my journey this week when I get home.

DR2015: Day Five


By Olivia Ferguson

“The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands.” Psalm 19:1

Sometimes I like to think of myself as an artist, always creating new things and calling them my own. What I’ve failed to understand is that all I am capable of doing is taking everything God has created, simply rearranging it, and then plastering my name on it. The colors we mix together to paint on a canvas are only there because God spoke them into existence. The very words I’m typing at this moment bloom from the personality that He chose specifically for me. My sketch book is full of photographs of His magnificent work that He so graciously gave me eyes to see. He is the artist of all artists and etched into every piece of work is His flawless, painfully original creation.

As we’ve served in the Dominican Republic this past week, this truth has become more and more evident. The mountains stretch out before us and LITERALLY declare that He is God. I’ve never heard anything speak louder than His mountains in Majaguita. How mighty a God we serve that would create such beautiful things. How mighty and humble an artist is He. The artist of all artists.

We serve a patient, humble, and mighty God.

DR2015: Day Four

Valley View

By: Halle Smith

People talk about these moments called “simple God moments” that they have had during their lifetime. For me, one of those moments happened yesterday.

The past three days have been physically exhausting. There isn’t a road that goes to Majaguita; you literally have to walk down the mountain to get there. We also have dug ten 4-foot holes, mixed concrete, built a bridge, shoveled for gravel in a river, and moved pieces of wood. So combine all that with a higher elevation and intense heat, you get sunburnt, sore muscles, and blistered feet. Once the day is over, you have to make another trek up the mountain to get to the bus that goes back to CMA.

So yesterday, once the day was over, I started to make the hike back up to the bus. And, if I’m being honest, I didn’t want to make that walk. Someone in the group had told me about a shortcut up the mountain earlier that day, so I started taking that route with two other group members. The sun was beating down on us and we were sweating. We reached this point where we needed to take a break, so we stopped and took a look at our surroundings. This was my “simple God-moment.”

The view was breathtaking. Like something you would see only in a National Geographic magazine. We were looking down into the valley and could see and hear the river rushing below us. Mountains with lush, green vegetation towered on every side of us. The sky was clear and blue. It’s hard to describe, and pictures don’t do it justice. But it was in the middle of the sweat and aching feet after a long yet productive day that I saw God and how creation magnifies its Creator. It was here that I truly understood the God that we are serving this week.