DR2015: Day Four

Valley View

By: Halle Smith

People talk about these moments called “simple God moments” that they have had during their lifetime. For me, one of those moments happened yesterday.

The past three days have been physically exhausting. There isn’t a road that goes to Majaguita; you literally have to walk down the mountain to get there. We also have dug ten 4-foot holes, mixed concrete, built a bridge, shoveled for gravel in a river, and moved pieces of wood. So combine all that with a higher elevation and intense heat, you get sunburnt, sore muscles, and blistered feet. Once the day is over, you have to make another trek up the mountain to get to the bus that goes back to CMA.

So yesterday, once the day was over, I started to make the hike back up to the bus. And, if I’m being honest, I didn’t want to make that walk. Someone in the group had told me about a shortcut up the mountain earlier that day, so I started taking that route with two other group members. The sun was beating down on us and we were sweating. We reached this point where we needed to take a break, so we stopped and took a look at our surroundings. This was my “simple God-moment.”

The view was breathtaking. Like something you would see only in a National Geographic magazine. We were looking down into the valley and could see and hear the river rushing below us. Mountains with lush, green vegetation towered on every side of us. The sky was clear and blue. It’s hard to describe, and pictures don’t do it justice. But it was in the middle of the sweat and aching feet after a long yet productive day that I saw God and how creation magnifies its Creator. It was here that I truly understood the God that we are serving this week.