Las Brisas, Honduras Mission Trip 2018

Date conflicts for the previously scheduled 2018 Poland Mission trip have resulted in a reschedule of that trip to 2019 or 2020. While we’re a little disappointed that the plan had to switch, we are thankful that just as it became apparent that the door was closing on Poland for next summer, Chapel Rock was invited to be a part of a team with Disciple Makers in Honduras July 7-14, 2018.

Organization Leading the Trip: Disciple Makers

Person Coordinating the Trip from CRCC: Nick Wilkes & Rick Belcher

Objective of the Trip: Impact ’18 is a mission trip to Honduras which will focus on Disciple Makers’ newest work in Las Brisas, Honduras. Las Brisas is near the Chamelecon River and is on the Northern coast of Honduras. The hope is to have 50 – 75 total people on the team from different partnering churches of Disciple Makers. The goal is to make an impact for Christ by working alongside the local church in Las Brisas. We will focus on 4 main areas:

Medical – Working with the existing medical clinic that is part of the mission work and reaches out to the people in Las Brisas.

Educational – Working with the public school in the community.

Pioneer Evangelism – Going down the nearby river canals via canoes and boats and holding VBS type programs with the various pockets of people living along the river.

Construction – Helping with construction needs at the church in Puerto Cortes, Honduras

Approximate Cost of Trip: $1,500 per person (depending on airfare and team fundraising which will hopefully offset the cost for each individual).

Cost of trip does not include passports, shots/medications that may be required, souvenirs, and food while traveling to and from Honduras.

All payments will be made directly to Disciple Makers, Inc.

Registration: Deadline for application and $150 deposit is December 31st, 2017 (deposit can be paid later via mail, rather than online at the time of registration).

To register go to,  in the middle top of the page go to the “Applications” tab and then go to the “Impact ‘18” tab and complete the registration form.

Fundraising: Once your registration is completed Disciple Makers has a feature through their web-site to help you publicize your trip and raise funds through social media outlets.