Kingdom Worker Week: School

Thursday, November 17th, 2016 we’re thinking about how being a Kingdom Worker affects your school. The resources for today’s challenge are all here for you to engage in the place God has you:


By Taylor Brown

Here are the ABC’s of being a Kingdom worker at school. In
alphabetical order of course.

Ask your principal how you can help your school.
Begin a prayer group and meet once a week to pray for your
Clean up after yourself.
Do 10 random acts of kindness before the week is done.
Eat lunch with someone who looks different than you.
Forgive someone who has hurt you. Pray for them every time you
see them.
Get good grades. Seriously. Work hard.
Hold the door open for everyone who shows up to school and tell
them to have a good day.
Invite a new student to youth group.
Just keep your eyes on Jesus.
Keep your mouth shut when you are tempted to make fun of someone.
Listen to others when they are talking.
Make a gift for someone who seems lonely.
Never forget that there’s more to life than school.
Observe the golden rule.
Pray for your teachers at the beginning of each class
Quietly do what is right. Especially when no one is looking.
Remember to turn in your homework on time.
Sit with someone you don’t know once a day for a week and get to
know them.
Tell 10 people something that you like about them.
Use these years wisely. They will go fast.
Venture into a new subject; try to expand your horizons.
Write an anonymous letter to someone who annoys you. Tell them
God loves them.
X-amine your heart daily.
Yell loud at sporting events.
Zestfully do Kingdom work.

Taylor Brown is the director of MIX, Christ in Youth’s national
middle school summer event. Follow him on Instagram at

KINGDOM WORKER CHALLENGE: kw7-challenge-school

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KINGDOM WORKER WORSHIP: Download the following resource for worship songs related to living out being a Kingdom Worker in your school: kw7-worship-school