Merida: Day One/Two

We arrived safely last night in Merida after a day of flights and a 4 hour can ride from Cancun. The temperature is pretty hot, but the breeze brought some relief. We got settled in at Craig Gates home in Merida, and after orientation, got a crash course on hammocking Yucatan style. 

This morning started early, as it’s too hot to do much by about 2p. Our team worked on two different projects at two churches. One project involves moving a massive amount of fill dirt and helping clear out a stone wall to make way for the foundation of a church being built. The other project consisted of setting heavy concrete beams that will be used as roof supports, which we’ll all be working on tomorrow. 

This afternoon we, have had a little down time to eat a late lunch, check out the local tienda known as Bambi, and get cleaned up before our evening activities. 

We met a few of the local pastors at the work sites, who jumped right in and helped us get our work done for the day. Craig really encouraged the students to think about the eternal ways that we are investing in the work of Christ here Merida. “Buildings are great, but they are only tools. The eternal things are the ways that people see Christ in his people, through a smile, through a conversation, through the ways that you acknowledge them and make efforts to engage,” was the challenge he gave us. 

We’re excited for the Lords continued work in all that’s ahead.