CIY Move 2015: Day One


“God’s ability to work in your life is never affected by your proximity to Him, because God is here!” – Keaton Smith

We kicked off day one of CIY Move 2015 with an intro to the story of Daniel, that we’ll be wrestling with all week. Keaton Smith brought the challenge to over 800 students gathered this week at Cedarville University, to see the ways that God is working all around us, even when we don’t feel like we’re close to Him. We’ve been hearing about this summer’s theme for awhile entitled: “YOU ARE HERE” The theme seems like a given… being that we made the journey and indeed we are “here” at Move once again this year. What we’ve found unfolding from the story of Daniel through Keaton’s challenge tonight as been a little twist  on the “YOU” in “YOU ARE HERE.” Keaton challenged us to be drawn into the story of Daniel and the truth of the fact that no matter what we’re facing or where we’ve been, that God is the “YOU” as the one who is present and is HERE in our lives.

It’s been an exciting start to the week. 43 of us from Chapel Rock made the trek that took us a little over two hours from Indy to just outside of Dayton, OH without incident. Tomorrow we jump into a full day of study, worship, growth, and fun, continuing to unpack the story of Daniel and thinking about God as the one who is here. We also received an encouraging text message from 2015 graduate Willis Overton just before we met for our group time. We read it to the group to share the encouragement of others who are praying for our students this week, and for so many who remember such powerful transformation in their lives stemming from something that was rooted in an experience at CIY Move.

Willis wrote: “Hey wanted to let you know that its been on my heart to really pray for the group this week. For everyone to feel God’s presence and want to continue to yearn after that. That nobody will go through the week blind or deaf to His conviction or teaching; instead that they will have open eyes and ears to use this time for relentless praise and honest self-reflection. CIY was always the best week of the year for me and I’m so glad that the students have such caring and sacrificial leaders to encourage and guide them. Prayed that prayer already twice today and just wanted to share it with you. :)”

Those prayers, and God’s presence, have indeed been felt at the opening night of such a powerful week at CIY Move at Cedarville University. We’re looking forward to all that’s ahead.