The resurrection of Jesus changed everything… Today we dug deep into the message of the gospel and the theme of our week at CIY Move 2014. Our high school students and leaders made the trek from Indianapolis to Holland, MI this morning and had the opportunity to join with around 1,600 other students from all over the midwest for a week of worship, teaching, adventure, and fun. The theme of the week is “This changes everything…” and we learned tonight that the “THIS” is the resurrection of Jesus. We heard from Mark Christian and Jayson French who challenged us to think about the ways that the resurrection has had such significant implications (first and foremost) for salvation, but also for relationships, the role of women, in the realm of education, in art, music, science, geography, sports, medicine, entertainment, end so much more…. The fact that Jesus conquered death and was raised from the dead changed everything that has happened since then, and it continues to do so even today. The question is, “Will the resurrection change you?”

This Changes Everything… [CIY Move 2014: Day 1]