It’s been a little over 24 hours since we hit the road in Indy. The bus has been running great and we haven’t had to change a tire yet! We had a great evening meal with Mike Beam and his friend Katie at Bob’s Your Uncle Pizza in Iowa City, IA last night. A weary night of driving was rewarded by a prairie sunrise bursting across the South Dakota plains and lighting up the terrain before us, beckoning for exploration. After a breakfast stop at Wall Drug in Wall, SD, we were off to begin our adventure…

This afternoon we commenced our exploration of the Badlands National Park. It has been a journey that has taken us down crevasses, across jagged peaks, through wandering valleys, sliding down hills, and enjoying every moment. You can check out many of today’s photo highlights at:

The Badlands are hard to take in. There’s beauty in the arid desolation wherever you look. From rainbow painted hills, to erosion carved mountains… the scale, the detail, the depth, and the wonder of it all are amazing. There have been so many awe inspiring moments that keep us on the edge of our seats in eager expectation of what’s around the next corner. Our spiritual journey is taking us through the life of Christ and all that he experienced in the wilderness. We look forward to trusting Him in all that’s ahead.

Senior Trip: Day One

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