Open Arms – Day Five

A long day today resulted in completing every project that we set out to do this week. We’re so glad that a massive amount of painting is completely finished, a roof has been patched, and some fascia and guttering is back in place. The physical side of the week has been pretty demanding, but very rewarding, as the students have learned so much and worked so hard. The relational side of the week, and coming to grips with just how hard it is going to be to say goodbye, has perhaps best captured by the fact that several students have asked multiple times tonight if there’s any way we could stay another week! We spent the evening at a local favorite pizza place called Goose Pond Pizza with the girls and staff from Open Arms and rounded out the night with some Dairy Queen. After we got back to the Miriam home, we had a time of sharing our favorite moments of the week and some very special memories and kind words were exchanged. We laughed and cried and had a great time together wondering how it seems like just yesterday that we arrived. FInally this evening the entire living room became a friendship bracelet making factory as newly forged relationships continued to grow through conversation after conversation. Tomorrow morning, we’ll fight through the tears as we say our goodbyes, and then it’s off to Bloomington to celebrate Elexis’s birthday and do some rock climbing, and then home shortly after. We’ll be sharing all of the pictures and stories at 9:15 AM at The VINE this Sunday in the Chapel at Chapel Rock along with the spring break team that went to Guatemala last week. We look forward to sharing firsthand about all of the many experiences, challenges, growth, and learning moments of the week.



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