Open Arms – Days One & Two

The work has begun and is going fantastic. Who knew that teenagers could be so excited about wall paper removal? Today has been a full day of painting, conquering stubborn wall paper, and lots of time hanging out and bonding with the students here at Open Arms. Our theme has been centered around the phrase, “Be A Part of The Story…” and we’ve certainly seen ways big and small that we are joining our lives into the story that God is writing. We’re also having a great time enjoying the opportunities to share in the stories of one another’s lives. Of the seven students from Chapel Rock on the team, only two go to the same school, so it’s truly been a time of growth in getting to know one another as we serve together. For as diverse a group as God has put together in one place this week, his timing couldn’t have been more perfect… Open Arms just learned that their yearly state inspection of the group home is going to take place next week, so a fresh coat of paint on a good part of the facility along with all the other sprucing up that will happen this week, is going to aid greatly in helping show what great work is done here for students in the name of Christ. We appreciate your continued prayers as God continues to lead and work among us for the sake of His glory.

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