Hey everyone! We had such an amazing time at CIY MOVE in Holland this year!  Over the week, we studied the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew 5-7 with the theme of Where Heaven and Earth Collide.  Day 1, we learned that following Jesus is risky because His teachings are dangerous.  You can’t kind of follow Jesus; you have to be all in.  Day 2 we watched the new CIY documentary, Becoming Sons and Daughters.  The film challenged us to think about how we can make an impact on people’s lives who don’t have a present father in their homes.  In the evening session, we talked about how Jesus is our perfect heavenly Father.  The theme for Day 3 was The Colony.  The lesson was all about how our sin has a community consequence.  Usually we think that our sins affect only us but in reality, they affect the people around us.  Day 4 was all about forgiveness.  We talked about how forgiveness is a life-long process, not just a one time thing.  Before we came into the session, we all were had pieces of red paper taped on our backs.  On the inside of the paper, each student wrote who they needed to forgive and/or who they needed forgiveness from.  After a time of reflection and time to talk to youth leaders, the paper was torn from our backs and thrown away, representing the beginning of the healing process.  The theme of the Day 5 was The Way and it started with a cool opportunity to cheer on Oliver, a son of a Hope College staff member who has cancer and was picked up by Make A Wish for his 6th birthday to go pick out Legos in Grand Rapids.  In the evening session, we were challenged to be the light and salt of the world.  But, we are the salt and light of the world to bring glory to God, not ourselves.

Remember that God loves you and we are princes and princesses of the King.  When challenges arise, trust in God and His power.  Remember that our sins affect the church, not just us. Be the salt AND the light of the world, to bring glory to God. As we go back into our daily routines apply all that we have learned from this powerful week and LIVE IT OUT! 


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  1. My son had such a wonderful time at CIY. I’m so thankful that he had the opportunity to experience this and bring home what he learned. So blessed to have had this opportunity.

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