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Today our theme was THE WAY. Our favorite quote from today’s messages was from Chad Ragsdale, “The power and truth of Jesus Christ overwhelms our lives, if we are willing to listen to it.” Today we talked all about being SALT and LIGHT, from Matthew 5:13-16. In our D-Groups, we did an activity where we ate different foods–some not salted, some perfectly salted, and some overbearing salted… one that brought a very bitter taste to everyone’s mouth. The illustration represented us as Christians, and which type of salt we are and which we long to be. Tonight in our main session, Jayson French talked about how we are the salt of the world because we our lives are supposed to bring glory to GOD, not ourselves. We were challenged to think of how we don’t have to “try” to be light, but by living and walking with Jesus we will just naturally BE light. In our group time, we all received Kingdom Worker cards, which is something to ask us about tomorrow! We were all challenged with a specific task for the year to focus on being LIGHT. We’re excited to see ways that God continues to bring glory to HIMSELF and not US as we bring back all that we’ve learned and live it out in our own community and church body.


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