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It’s difficult to capture the feeling that we all felt today when we wrapped up our last day of VBS… Maybe scoring a winning touchdown, or experiencing the excitement that comes when you’re finished something that has just gone really, really well comes close… High fives were abundant as we loaded up the bus to head back for dinner. The sense of team unity and accomplishment with the week going so well is what’s lingering this evening as we wind down for the day… but it’s all through the lens of knowing that God worked in some amazing ways this week to lead and prepare and work in and through His people to bring the message of the gospel to the people of Jalapa.

Today was bitter-sweet in many ways. It was sweet to know that so many seeds were planted in the lives of so many children, but slightly bitter that it’s coming to a close for now. We had about 60 preschoolers again this morning and about 55 elementary age kids in the afternoon. Stuart Creasey did a phenomenal job teaching the lesson as well as helping carry things with his spanish. All of our students engaged one-on-one with all of the students through our games, crafts and snack time… Taking a look at all of the activity at either of our sites today seemed to appear as one big ball of humanity as babies and preschoolers hung off of our students, rode on their backs, got swung around in circles and laughed and played together.

There’s much more to come… tomorrow morning there’s a little bit of a fun day planned in the morning and a big blow out bash at the church with all the teams who have invited all the people that they’ve worked with in the city. Pray for our continued witness as we serve and continue to love on the people of Jalapa in the days that we have remaining for this trip. May God receive the glory for all that’s been accomplished in his name this week!

Quotes of the day…

Keri Phillips says, “Suckers should not be given to two year olds, because they get stuck to their pants.”

Taylor Purcell says, “There’s a boy at the daycare that spits on me all the time; it’s really disgusting, but he’s really cute and I’m going to miss him.”

Lindsey Tucker says, “It’s really sad that we’re going home so soon, because I feel like I just made a lot of friends with the locals, and I’m gonna miss them because they are so sweet.”

JoJo Daghe says, “I agree with Lindsey.”

Alyssa Easley says, “A random guy gave us fruit through the bus window… he came running after us. I LOL’d.”

Kelly Boodt says, “If chocolate had a sound, this would be it!” (referring to a recording of Greg Harper that was playing from Nick’s iPod)

Kelly Boodt also says, “Do we only get one key” (referring to the fact that we only

Paul Wallace said, (referring to a sneaky kid at the VBS) “Watch out for that little turkey over there, he kicks you while you have your eyes closed to pray.”

Doug Boodt says, “He got me yesterday too! (referring to the same kid as above) Yea.. he waits till he knows you’re hung up and can’t do anything, then he comes up and kicks you in the leg.” Doug also says… “Thank you cards are good, but a thank you poster from a bunch of kids is the best.”

One thought on “GUATEMALA: Day Five

  1. Thanks for sharing the pictures and what is going on there in Jalapa, it all sounds so amazing! That is a place that you just can’t help but fall in love with, the people of Jalapa are so wonderful. I will continue to pray for a couple more amazing days for all of you to experience and for continued growth in the Lord when you leave for everyone that you touched while you were there. God is so good. Come home safe.

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