SITS: Thursday Update

Man it’s been an awesome week! Yesterday was jam-packed full of growth, laughter, discovery, and… dodgeball. We went caving yesterday during our recreation time… some of them had their first caving experience! After a fun afternoon at Carter Caves, we headed into our evening session and heard that God, the greatest author, wants to amend your story. We don’t have to be afraid to let God have our stories, because we are all on a first-name basis with Him. We looked at the story of Zaccheus, and how after his encounter with Jesus, Jesus forever had his story. After the message, artist Eric Samuel Timm, pieced together our students stories’ (that they wrote on Monday night) all over the cross in the middle of the room. With the stories, he created an image of Jesus’ face on the cross, and over it wrote AMENDED. It was, as one of our students said, “a real picture of what Jesus did for us on the cross–taking our stories, burdens, and pain… and making them his.”

After a powerful evening session and sharing in our group time, we went out for the Dodgeball Finals. And… drumroll… our kids WON! As you will see in the photos, Coach Bill truly was a part of their success. Today is our last full day here, so be praying for our students and leaders… that we will not waste a minute of it!

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