SITS: Tuesday Update

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Good morning! We’re heading into our 2nd full day here at SITS in Grayson, KY. Yesterday, we heard all about how we are a small part of God’s bigger story. During our worship experience, the students had an opportunity to “write their stories,” no matter how long, short, adventurous, painful, exciting. Several writing stations were set up throughout the room, and during worship students ventured over to begin writing their own story… where they are from, who has shaped them, what experiences they remember most, etc. 

Today, we are looking at what happens when we take God’s story and trash it for our own. Please pray for us as we take a look into the mirror today and discover how we have ignored (or trashed) what God has given to us.

2 thoughts on “SITS: Tuesday Update

  1. I’m enjoying the pictures…looks like you guys are having a great time!! I will continue to pray for open ears & open hearts!

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