CIY MOVE: It’s only the beginning!

We’re packing up tonight, coming home tomorrow, but this is only the beginning! Many of our students have made commitments for this coming year. . . to surround themselves with other Christians, bring breakfast to their teachers once a month, adopt a single mom and their family for the year, lead a middle school small group, memorize Matthew 5-7, do the Daniel Fast for 10 days, I could go on and on! And the best part is, we’re in this together. If nothing else, we learned this week that our lives are about SOMETHING BIGGER than us. As we studied John the Baptist, we saw that everything in his life pointed to SOMETHING BIGGER. Everything in his life was about Jesus… he never took the attention for himself, but always pointed it back to Christ.

God will use our life, and if we really want our lives to matter, they will always point back to Him! Our students are not coming home the same. My request to you… if you know one of these students well, or you are his/her parent, ask them what they’ve committed to and create a way to help them out. We’re not in this alone.

See you tomorrow!

One thought on “CIY MOVE: It’s only the beginning!

  1. Can’t wait to hear all about each of the commitments for this year! Praying for your safe travel home. Alison 🙂

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