Good morning again! We’re headed into Day 3 here at MOVE. Yesterday we took a deep look into the life of Rahab and Joshua. Rahab’s change began when she hung a scarlet cord outside her window. Our students were asked this question: If the red chord is a symbol of calling on God’s help, where do you need the red cord in your life? Is it a habit? Relationship? Fear? Past regret?  We learned that in order for Rahab to experience rescue, she had to first come to obedience. Rescue requires obedience. Grabbing hold of the red cord and calling on God for help is the first action of faith. Our students received red ribbon and took them to our main session, where they were given an opportunity to attach their “red cord” onto a stream of other red cords, symbolizing that they were a piece of God’s bigger story for their lives. At the end of the night, this phrase ran across the screen,“Speak Lord, for your servant is TRUSTING.”

Today we are diving into the life of Josiah, from 2 Kings 22 & 23. Through the life of Josiah, we see that he knew how to respond to God’s word. The bottom line today is for us to not only understand the importance of God’s word, but that we would be familiar with it and know how to respond.

Thanks for praying for us this week. Keep it up. I can’t wait to see how studying the life of Josiah changes us.


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