Good morning! We’re moving into our second day here at MOVE and things are gearing up. Last night, we had our first main session and heard all about Samuel’s encounter with God. Awakened in the middle of the night, Samuel received his first calling–a call that would alter the way he lived from that day forward, a call that would last a lifetime. God called Samuel three times before Samuel understood who was actually speaking to him. God calls us to all sorts of things: big things, small things, and even some seemingly impossible things. In 1 Samuel 3:9, God clearly called Samuel, and Samuel responded by saying, “Speak Lord, for your servant is listening.” 

This question was asked: WHO ARE YOU LISTENING TO? What voices are the loudest in your life? What voices have the most influence? Parents, coaches, friends, boyfriend/girlfriend, youth leaders, teachers, etc.? And, does God’s voice matter?

Last night we studied Samuel, and today we’re looking at the life of Rahab from Joshua 2. God has every intention of using all of us, but first, we have to surrender to Him. The challenge for our students today is to begin with confession. Please pray for all of us today as we continue to seek out God’s voice and ask Him to speak clearly to us.

As we continue throughout the day, we’ll post pictures (and who knows, maybe even a video)! Thanks for tuning in.


One thought on “CIY MOVE: Day 2

  1. sounds like it is going to b a great week of growth, thanks for letting us know what u r studying i want to follow along(:

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