Heading home

Well, it’s 2am in Indy and we’re in the middle of Nebraska driving through rain which is supposed to put us in the middle of a storm. Everyone is tired but pretty anxious to get home so there’s little sleeping occurring at the moment. Vicki and Tina are at the helm once again. We have night duty. We enjoyed a nice evening of rafting last night accompanied by a stay at the Virginian in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Nick read the students multiple bedtime stories a few hours ago and we thought they were asleep, but boy were we wrong. They’ve quieted down after a bathroom break but have yet to fall asleep. I am pleased to inform you, however, that all the sponsors (other than Vicki of course) are knocked out. Rick will be the next to take control and as I am told, Wesley will be his copilot. Well we have to check the radar to see how much longer we’ll be in this storm. We’ll see you all tomorrow (or if you want to get technical like Vicki, we’ll see you all today)!

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