Sunday Sr Trip Update

I decided to take advantage of the wi-fi signal at the Teton National Park visitors center!
We’re on our last full day of the trip – hard to believe it’s gone by so quickly!!
Yesterday we hiked as far into the Tetons as we could go before we hit snow. The rangers wouldn’t let us go farther because they have had a lot of avalanches in the area. But we still got to do a great 7-mile hike around Jenny Lake & up to Hidden Falls. They’ve had a lot of unseasonally late snow this year, and we found out that just a month ago, the Jenny Lake Lodge was under about 10 feet of snow! This group has not been able to do the amount of hiking that most groups get to do, but they have seen wildlife that no one else has seen! I lost count of the number of bears we’ve seen, but the last number I heard was 10! Yesterday along the trail, we saw a male & female moose drinking from a lake while a black bear played on the hill right above them! What a gift!!
Today we’re doing a raft trip on Snake River, then we’ll stay somewhere in Jackson Hole before hitting the road in the morning.
Keep praying for energy, as everyone is getting tired, and for continued spiritual growth.
Looking forward to seeing everyone on Tuesday!


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